TheMusic Oni – “KOMAINA”



“KOMAINA” meaning My Everything is a song written by the upcoming Music Minister TheMusic Oni

“I believe this song is for you; to remind and encourage you that in Christ Jesus you live, move, and have your being.

Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life…… Having Him as everything, gives life a whole new meaning, and makes the world a better place”. He Said

Oni said he got the inspiration to this song In 2014: when he was going to take his life, nothing seemed to be working well, and life made no sense to him, though I had done all I knew to do.

And on the 8th. February, 2014. He was doing some chores, and pondering on how he would end his mystery. At 8:48am the Lord spoke to him; he heard in his spirit, “I am everything to you”. and he replied in a tune, “Kai ne komai na ya Yesu”.…. Meaning,  “Jesus, You are everything to me”.
He them ran to his room and asked a friend he was hosting, to play la-fa-do-so chords on his acoustic guitar.They worshiped with the song he had just received, and he rededicated his life to God.

Ever since, life has been awesome (irrespective of challenges), God has been everything to him.

To be a partaker of this testimony download and listen to this beautiful song.

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