Atlanta rapper, producer, and designer, WHATUPRG‘s, name is synonymous with innovation and authenticity. His trademark combination of Latin rhythms, trap hip-hop, flawless lyricism, and captivating storytelling has enshrined him as an elite amongst his peers emerging from the Christian music scene. Still, his art is too eclectic for the limits of any sub-genre.

After releasing two singles “KIDS,” and “PRAISE!,” WHATUPRG invites listeners to experience the ever-evolving world of NEW HOLLYWOOD! His new album, NEW HOLLYWOOD, captures the quintessential nature of what listeners truly desire from the musical artform: an experience in which the trained artist channels his or her ability to respond to deep human emotion. Each track is a visceral experience. Every chord, bassline, lyric, and melody contributes a delicate stroke of paint to the album’s canvas of human experience. An aural and visual masterpiece that is just as specific as it is universal.

“New Hollywood is a place where you don’t have to act and you can just be yourself. Being yourself is enough!” shares RG. “I wanted to create music that could be a friend for people. I wanted to help them know when they hit rock bottom, even then, they’re not alone.”


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