Daily Impact with Rev. Yemi Graceman Aduloju

Daily Impact : 25th June, 2023
Topic: Factors for a triumphant life








We have been looking at factors that makes a triumphant life possible.we shall continue today looking at the following factors
1. Divine instruction: instruction is very critical to a life of distinction. Instruction is the pathway to distinction. A man who avoids instruction will end up in destruction. Allow God to instruct you. David was triumphant because he took instructions per second. 1st Samuel:30. He kept asking God for directions prior to taking steps. The man who takes instructions is the man who arrives at destiny very quick because he is guided. Isaiah 58:11.
God will guide you continually if you allow Him.
2. Confessions: Numbers 14:28. What God says about you is not as important as what you say about yourself. David triumphed because he kept making positive confessions about his situation. Your confessions can negate the beautiful things God has spoken about you. Your words must be in agreement with what God has said concerning you and what you say about yourself. God honoured the words of the 12 spies according to their confessions. Only Joshua and Caleb made it to the promise land because they said they are well able. Matthew 12:37, your words condemns or justifies you. Speak as you want to see and not as you see.
3. Wisdom: Proverbs 24:5-6. There’s safety in counsel. Wisdom is too high for a fool. Kings reign by wisdom and rulers decree justice by wisdom.Ecclesiastes 8:1. Wisdom brings a man into glory. God has made provision of wisdom for us. James 1:5, therefore all and He will give you liberally.

Prayer Focus.
Father, guide me continually, lead me in the path that I should go. Lead me by your spirit and your word.
Confess positively: I confess I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. I have Dominion over my flesh, sin. I live in health, power, abundance. I am not poor, I’m wealthy, I’m blessed and favoured of the Lord. I’m helped of the Lord.I operate in the wisdom of God. The wisdom of God will make my face to shine and the boldness of my countenance shall be changed. I’m elevated by the wisdom of God. I stand before Kings and not before mean men. My gifts make room for me. I prosper in all I do.


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Sunday, 25th, 06, 2023


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