Daily Impact with Rev. Yemi Graceman Aduloju


Daily Impact: 7th November 2023
Topic: Necessities for overcoming at the breaking point
Text: Matthew 26:36-39 

Jesus our Lord and king got to his breaking point. He left his throne in heaven to die for the sins of humanity. Genesis 3:15, He prayed for the cup to pass over him. No matter how strong or spiritual you are, if Jesus could get to his breaking point, you also have a breaking point and a yield level,  you must be aware of this and take heed to avoid falling like others who fell and failed. It’s not strange to be distressed. You must be on your guard so that the enemy will not catch you unaware. Jesus prayed at his breaking point, he wished the same cup he came to drink of should pass from him. Jesus did not fail because he quickly submitted to the will of the Almighty God. This is a clue on how not to break down at your breaking point. Always recall God’s word, and the will of God.

Jesus got to his breaking point, you will likely get to your breaking point at different times and different points, be prepared. May God strengthen you at such a time and you will not fail in the name of Jesus. Mark 14: 66-72. Peter got to his breaking point and denied Jesus despite his closeness to Jesus. He boasted that he would never deny Jesus until fear stared him in the face and he lost confidence before a little maid. The knowledge of right and wrong is powerless against a man’s appetite and in the face of fear. You could do silly things in the midst of fear. Peter remembered the words of Jesus and wept bitterly. Peter was able to bounce back and repent immediately because he remembered the words of the Lord. Remembering the words of the Lord will strengthen you against the adversities of life. 1 Tim 4:15,  Joshua 1:8, The will of God and the word of God will help you not to break down at your breaking point.

Prayer Focus
1. Father, I submit and surrender myself completely to your will, let your will prevail in my life and destiny. I submit my will to your will.
2. Father, I receive the ability to always remember your word and to follow your word, that the word may work in my mouth.
3. I receive the strength to stand in the name of Jesus.
4. I refuse to be intimidated by the challenges, people, adversities, and  adversaries of life. I take on the strength, courage, and stamina of the Almighty God

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