Daily Impact with Rev. Yemi Graceman Aduloju


Daily Impact: 6th November 2023

Topic: Necessities for overcoming at the Breaking Point


The breaking point is the point a man loses strength, courage and stamina to win. If a man must win, he must be like Joseph and Jesus who got to their breaking points but did not break down. There are certain requirements needed to avoid breaking down at one’s breaking point:

1. Strength: increased strength is required to win. The angel tapped Elijah and asked him to rise up and eat because the journey was long. He rose, ate and went in the strength of the food, a 40 days journey till he got to the mountain of God. Divine strength is available in God and His word. Christ Jesus is available for those who will wait on him. He gives power to the faint. You need strength to press on. God will give you strength and your strength will not fail when issues of life come. Your strength will not fail you in the face of temptation, your strength will be renewed in the name of Jesus.

2. Help: everyone needs help not to give up and go over the breaking point. Acts 26:22; Paul declared that he continued and stood because he received help from God. Help will be available for you to move on and press on, to get to the place God has destined for you. Help is required in different areas and in different dimensions. Help will not be lacking in your life in the name of Jesus.

3. Grace: the grace to persevere, not to yield and to say no is required to go over the breaking point. Titus 2:11-12. Everybody without  grace gives up and caves in. Grace is what you need and you must ask God for grace on a daily basis.

Prayer Focus

1. Isaiah 40: 29-31 Father, strengthen me when I’m weak and in every area of weakness, give me the strength to press on, move on, and go on.

2. Father, let my strength not fail me, let me not be weak, my health will not fail and my strength will not diminish. I receive help, stamina and grace. I receive mental and spiritual strength.

3. I receive help to continue, to  breakthrough, and to press on.

4. Father, let all the elements help me this week. Men will help me this week.

5. Acts 4:33, Father, I receive great grace for this week and this end of the year season. Let grace open doors and make a way for me.

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