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Daily Impact: November 8, 2023
Topic: The Breaking Point

There are points in life when despair and despondency are inevitable and things may not work as projected. Many lose the courage to win in times like this. Jesus submitted to the will of God when he got to his breaking point, and Peter recalled the words of Jesus when he denied him and wept. Submission to the will of God and recall of the word of God is vital to overcoming the breaking point.

Consequences of breaking down at the breaking point
1. Permanent decisions are made at the breaking point (temporary situation): Sarah and Abraham made a permanent decision in a temporary condition. God promised them a child, Genesis 16:1, Sarah was tired of waiting and asked Abraham to mate with Hagar to bear a child. Abraham complied with his wife’s instructions. Genesis 15:1-5, God assured Abraham of his promises by giving him a sneak peek at His plans. His children will be in multitudes as the stars in heaven and the sand of the seashore; his children will shine as stars. However, Sarah became despaired and despondent, which resulted in alternatives. Whatever you are going through at the moment is temporary. It will surely come to pass; the phrase “And it came to pass” is prevalent in the bible. Do not require permanent decisions in a temporary situation. No situation lasts forever.  Don’t allow your condition to weigh you down. God is more than able to make his promises happen in your life if you don’t give up.

2. A man suffers irredeemable consequences: the outcome of making permanent decisions in temporary conditions is irredeemable. This was seen in the lives of Abraham and his seed. They produced a child, Ishmael, who had remained a problem for the child of promise to date. The children of the bondwoman will always lift their hands against the child of promise which is why there will always be an attack against the church. Your condition is temporary and will come to pass. Luke 21:13.

Prayer Focus
1. Father, you are the situation-changing God. Turn around this situation to the glory of your name.
2. I receive the strength and stamina to press on and not give up.
3. I receive the mental, emotional, and spiritual strength of the Holy Spirit not to make a permanent decision in a temporary condition.
4. Father, let your promises for my life begin to find practical expression and let them no longer be delayed in the name of Jesus.

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