Daily Impact with Rev. Yemi Graceman Aduloju


Daily Impact: November 20, 2023
Topic: Commanding the heavens to open
Text: Deuteronomy 28:12

Prayer Focus
1. Father, in the remaining days of this year and beyond, let my heavens be open, I refuse to operate under a closed heaven, according to your word, open unto me your good treasures, Luke 3:21.
2. Father, give my destiny, business, land, and children rain. Cause the heavens to give the rain to all that concerns me,
3. Father, this week, terminate dryness of every kind in my life. Give me blessings, miracles, and favour that will terminate the drought in my life.
4. Father, bless the works of my hands this week. Let me have something to show, let your breath be upon my efforts. Make me a lender and not a borrower.
5. Deuteronomy 28:8, Father, command your blessings upon me and all that pertains to me this week.
6. Exodus 3:21, Father, I refuse to end this year empty, give me something great to show. Let me record great testimonies.
7. I command my doors to open this week, I command the hands of men to open unto me this week.
8. I take charge of this week by the blood of Jesus, I take authority over each day by the blood of Jesus, I redeem each day by the blood of Jesus. I reject the evil assigned to the week and I claim the blessings of the week.

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