Fade Away by Stevoskymusic


Fade Away is a Gospel Jazz Instrumentals Created from Spiritual Guide lines.
“I was Divinely Inspired By God in this composition of Fade Away and it tooks about 3 weeks Communicating with the Father for proper Composition and A name to give it.
The Word FADE AWAY in the song was God Tremendous intervention in my Spiritual life.
FADE AWAY is representing The flesh in me Fading Away.
It you noticed which Instruments like violin,guitar and bass have limited impact on the song
They are all Fading Away. It wasn’t my Usual Music Arrangements it’s Supernatural.
I pray and fasted For Divine help while I was Concluding it as a Music.” – Stevoskymusic

Stevosky music which original name is Stephen Oluwafisayomi is a Nigerian Youngest Fast-rising Multi-instrumentalist & jazz Musician.

He Also known for His Special Multi-Talented Skills and Creativity in Music Generally.

Stevoskymusic is Professional Song writer with great lyrics also a Arranger, performer and a jazz Vocalist.

Stevoskymusic Started his musical Carrier professionally at 6th of July 2018 with alot of Music covers including ( afro-pop , Afro beat , jazz , country , contemporary , classical and Rap ) with other Genres of Music.

He’s Known to be A Talented music Being with hitting over 10k followers on Instagram and still counting also lots of on FACEBOOK & YouTube.

He discovered his love for jazz at his early stage of His career and his first jazz song covered was ” Isn’t she lovely” by Stevie wonder But he now look forward to New Generation of Jazz Musician like Jacob Collier.

He personally Tagged ” D Eistien of Music” Because he was so perfect will almost every common Genre of Music heard in the World today

In addition he’s also known to be a Young
Ambassador & brand Influencer

Song Descriptions :-

I personally wrote FADE AWAY on the highest level of Music


Song Title: FADE AWAY
Album: D’ Stevoskymusic (vol 1)
Key : C
Instruments : 1. Piano 2. Tambourine (shakers) 3.violin 4. guitar (Semi- Acostic) 6. Bass Guitar
Genre : Jazz
Genre (categories) : classical
Producer : Kessmusic production


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