Daily Impact with Rev. Yemi Graceman Aduloju


Daily Impact: November 21, 2023
Topic: Words on marble
Text: Job 42:10

The happiest place to be is in someone else’s thoughts and the safest place is in someone else’s prayers. It is better to be in people’s prayers than in their thoughts. Job 42: 10, God restored the losses of Job when he prayed for his friends. Job’s friends insisted that his predicament was due to his wrongdoing and they went back and forth until Job prayed for them. The one who prays for people receives the blessings of God over his life. Luke 22:31-32, Jesus prayed for Simon Peter, and this was what made the difference between Peter and Judas, Jesus had Judas in his thoughts but not in His prayers. Keep your loved ones in your prayers.

May God raise intercessors to stand in the gap for you and may God also raise you as an intercessor to stand in the gap for others in Jesus’ name. Your altar of prayer is very important. It is your altar of change and transformation. 1 Chronicles 4:9-10, Jabez remained in his adversity until he raised an altar of prayer that changed his situation. Isaac entreated the Lord for his wife Rebecca and God opened her womb. The safest place you can place people is in your prayers and not your worries. Worries lead to anxiety and high blood pressure and create more problems than solutions. May you be in the prayers of Jesus and your loved ones. Jesus lives to make intercessions for you.

Prayer Focus
1. Father, make me a channel of blessing to people as I bow my knees to pray.
2. Father, make my prayer altar an altar of change and transformation for me and the people I pray for.
3. Father, do not deliver me to the will of my enemies, Jesus, pray for me as you prayed for Peter.
4. Father, let me not be delivered to the will of my enemies, let the request and their agenda concerning me fail.
5. Father, bless me indeed this week and make me a blessing to others.

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