Daily Impact with Rev. Yemi Graceman Aduloju


Daily Impact: March 4, 2024
Topic: Access to His Presence
Text: Exodus 33:13-15

God’s presence is the greatest factor for a life of glory, for success, productivity, fruitfulness, and blessings, Genesis 39:2. Joseph prospered as a slave and also a prisoner because of God’s presence with him. The presence of God gives you victory over the challenges of life.

Benefits of His presence
God’s presence resolves crises, it brings form to the void and fills the emptiness. It turns things around, Genesis 1:1-3. The presence of God is the greatest need for resolving crises and challenges.
The presence of God births growth and greatness, 2 Samuel 5:10. David made progress and was very great because of the presence of God. Growth is inevitable wherever the presence of God is.
The presence of God gives rest to a man in whatever he does. God’s presence eliminates worries and anxiety. Paul was at rest during the storm because he was assured of the presence of a God with him. Isaiah 26:3. God’s presence enables you to trust in him.
God’s presence brings healing to any aspect of life experiencing illness. Malachi 4:2. Luke 5:17.
God’s presence is the greatest form of protection and defense a man could have.

1. Father, let your presence resolve the crisis in my life, family, and nation.
2. Father, let your presence bring greatness, increase, and growth in my life and family.
3. Father, let your presence go with me and give me rest. Let me be free from anxiety and worry.
4. Father, I receive total healing because of your presence. Let me be made whole.

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