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Daily Impact: 10th August 2023
Topic: Pursuit (Necessities for the pursuit of purpose)
Text: Genesis 27:40

By your sword, you shall live, And you shall serve your brother; And it shall come to pass when you become restless, That you shall break his yoke from your neck.”

You’ll live by your sword, hand-to-mouth, and you’ll serve your brother. But when you can’t take it anymore you’ll break loose and run free. (The Message translation)

The second need in the pursuit of your destiny is to break the shell to pursue your purpose. Never accept the limit that life intends to impose on your destiny. Life desires to impose limits on us.
Life is okay if you just go this far and not know further. Life is happy that you are not doing anything extraordinary, you are not achieving or arriving anywhere extraordinary.
Life is interested in you ending up mediocre. But it is your responsibility to reject the limit, the mediocrity, and the barrier that life intends to impose on your destiny.
And this exactly was what Isaac told his son Esau in the passage that we just read.
Isaac had instructed Esau to go prepare him a venison so that he can eat and put the blessing on him before he died. Rebecca asked Jacob whom she preferred to take the venison she had prepared on his behalf to his father. Jacob took the venison to his father who ate and put the blessing upon him.

Esau came back and said, Father, here is the venison. The Father said, who brought venison to me? I have eaten and I have been blessed. Esau lifted his voice and cried, requesting that his father should bless him, even if it is just one blessing. And look at what the Father said in blessing him. He said you will live by your sword. You will live hand to mouth, and you will serve your brother. But when you can’t take it anymore, you will break loose and run free.

And that is exactly what we are talking about. When you can’t take it anymore, when you can’t accept the limit that life has imposed on you, when you no longer are comfortable with the limit of your background, then the word of God says you will break free. You will run loose. It is only what a man cannot take anymore that he breaks free from. As long as a man is okay with the status quo, the status quo remains.

Nothing about a man will ever change until he becomes dissatisfied with his present situation. You must be dissatisfied with the status quo. And that is exactly what Isaac was telling Esau here. When you can’t take it anymore, when you become restless, when you come to dominion, you need to pursue your destiny, to challenge the status quo in your life, to challenge the status quo in your family.

You need to make progress. The man who will pursue his purpose in life. must challenge the status quo. Say no to the limits that life imposes on you. Run free. Break loose and run free. That’s what the scripture says.

Decision is the third key, the third vital importance of a man of pursuit. A man of pursuit must be very decisive. Decide to make it. A decision to pursue your purpose. A decision to go for that purpose. Decision determines destiny. It is important. Be decisive with your life.

You don’t need any extraordinary circumstances to get what you want in life. What you need is what you already have. In Luke 15:17, the prodigal son took a decision, a decision to go back home. That was all that he needed. Don’t forget, this young man had spent all that he had on riotous living and he was now in want. He was now stranded. The Bible says, when he now came to himself in his troubled time, in his challenge, he said, how many hired servants of my fathers have bread enough and to spare? And I perish with hunger, then he took a vital decision. He said in verse 18 I will arise and go to my father. That decision to go back home brought about a turnaround in the life of this prodigal son.

His destiny would have completely gone into ruins and oblivion if he had not taken that decision. He decided to go back home. There is a decision you need to take for you to pursue your purpose and destiny for you to arrive at the place that God has destined for you. Take that decision now. You know that decision. The decision to break free, the decision to break loose.

Take that decision. The decision to separate yourself from any friend that is a distraction. Take that decision. The decision to pay that money for that program. Take that decision to enroll for that course for that program. Take that decision. Don’t be indecisive in life. The prodigal son took a decision when he was down to nothing. Don’t wait till you are down to nothing. And even if you are down to nothing, decide to make adjustments and to experience a transformation in your life and in your destiny.

What am I saying? A man of pursuit is a man who takes decision, and takes responsibility for the decisions of his life. Take that decision now. There is no man of pursuit who is not a decision-maker. Don’t wait for others to decide for you on vital issues of your life and your destiny.
Have a strong foundation and a very deep root in God. Secondly, break the shell. Break it. It is a responsibility. Become restless. Refuse to take it anymore. Reject the status quo. Break the limit. And number three be decisive. Take decisions and don’t forget you do not need extraordinary circumstances to get what you want. What you need is what you have. Take that decision and the Lord will see you through.

Prayer Focus
1. I break myself free from the limit of my past from the limit of my background I break myself free from the limit of my father’s house from the limit of my mother’s, In the name of Jesus.

2. I break free from every evil oath and every limiting force over my life and my destiny. In Jesus’ precious name, what is it that you can no longer take? Lift your voice and pray as you mention that thing, you are going to pray, I break loose and I run free from this attitude, from this habit, from this limitation, from this thing.

3. In the name of Jesus I will not abdicate my destiny for orders. Others will not decide my destiny for me. I take the courage I receive the courage to make decisions and my decisions will profit and prosper me in the name of Jesus.

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