Does it mean you are facing the consequences of a sin you committed?

Does it mean you’re being punished by God?

Often times we assume, we carry a lot of guilt in our hearts especially when we have erred.

We prayed for forgiveness, God has forgiven us but the consciousness of that error is still resounding in our hearts
When things go wrong we are quick to judge ourselves and relate it to our previous errors
Well, it’s really not our faults at times
It could be as a result of teachings we have heard or as a result of pressures from friends and family.

Let me give you an instance
I saw a movie recently (Miracles from Heaven) a couple had a daughter who was suffering from a disorder, it was quite serious. They were devoted christians who has served the Lord faithfully all their lives.
But right there in the church, they had people telling them that their daughter might be suffering from the terrible disorder because of a sin they have committed.
They said this as a result of the sermon made by the pastor earlier about sin and consequences.
This weakened the couple a lot and the wife even stopped going to church.
All she needed was encouragement, love, support and prayers but here she was being blamed for her daughter’s sickness.
The movie is a true life story.

There are people who will constantly be in your face and tell you how you are not praying or fasting enough.
How you are not sensitive in the spirit and gave room to the devil.

Victoria Olakanye (Beulahvic)


The God I know is a loving God, He makes everything beautiful in its time.
If you are not getting an answer immediately it is for a purpose.
All things work together for good.
It could be to strengthen your faith.
It could be for you to comfort others with the same comfort you receive eventually.
It could be that what God has in mind for you is bigger than what you are praying for and the time is not yet ripe. Remember His thoughts are not your thoughts neither His ways your ways .

Just like the movie I mentioned earlier, when God showed up for the couple and the little girl it was indeed a miracle and eventually their testimony became a source of comfort to others.

You are not suffering from the consequences of a sin you have committed because there is therefore no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.

You have been praying, you tell fellow brethren about your situations and they tell you it’s because you’re not praying enough. Don’t be discouraged by that.
In most cases, our major discouragement comes from the ones who should be encouraging us but still, learn to always encourage yourselves in the Lord just like David.

It could be that God has given you answers but there is a blockage like in the case of Daniel. All you have to do is to redirect your prayers.

There are several God’s general who died of one disease or the other, it is not because they are prayer less or they don’t know God enough. There is a purpose for everything.

Let me remind you of the man who was born blind (John 9vs 1-7).
Contrary to what the disciples thought, he was born blind so that the works of God be made manifest in him.

God has you in mind, He will never leave you nor forsake you. He loves you.

You need to understand that the world is not against you and everything will fall in place at God’s own pace.

Don’t stop praying, don’t stop trusting God and in due time everything will make sense.

Also when your testimony comes remember to comfort others with the same comfort you have received.



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