“Ikú Jésù” by Joshua Segun



Nigerian gospel music singer Joshua Segun aka Lamorin, is a vocalist, song writer and minister known for folk, soul and dance influenced sound. Hails from kogi state, Raised in Lagos and presently based in Akure, Nigeria. I have been singing from childhood 7 yrs old to be precised( children choir). It’s a gift from God. Segun has so far released one album titled”iku Jesu” the death of Jesus. It includes songs; which are Jesu Ku, lamorin, irin ajo, Ogun asaju among others. Married to a fellow gospel vocalist. He was baptized at Christ Apostolic Church and director of music at Rccg.

“Praise the Lord- Hallelujah
I thank God for the salvation of my soul. If not for the grace of salvation I won’t be able to sing this song. Because Christianity has thought me to be disciplined in other to get my rewards in heaven. I think deeply that if beaten, cheated upon I can’t reply then in mid of the night, he that determines times and seasons stepped in, and began to speak to me; Segun the death of Jesus makes all things possible for you because he was beaten, chastised, drank wine mixed with myrrh, crucified, died and resurrected because of me.” – Joshua Segun


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