“Oníṣe Nla” By Rhoda Lola Ami

Great Worker


Emerging gospel artist Rhoda Lola Ami releases new song titled “Oníṣe Nla”

“Oníṣe Nla” meaning GREAT WORKER is a yoruba praise compilation thanking God for the great things he has done and the things he will do .

Rhoda Lola Ami is a first time gospel artist that got her inspiration from God through dream.She said “God granted me relief from days of trouble, pains, challenges and gave me help, when I was forsaken and hated, in favor he gave me this powerful song to praise him like never before.Thank you my everlasting light, my comforter, you deserve so much from me.”

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Lyrics of “Oníṣe Nla”
Odo Ri mi ipare
Odo Ri mi odopin
Egun ton já ìdílé mi
kò do ri mi ko do Pin

Modupe ooo
Jésù mi
ọba iye

Emi lope to sí
Jésù ooo
Emi lope to sí o
Jésù mi

Okikire posi o
Nínú ayé mi
Nínú ilé mi
Okiki re posi

Ègà laye mi
Egaju Aye lo
Ègà baba mi Ègà
Eyin nikan mimọ f’ọpẹ fún

Jésù ṣeun to dun
Mo mi ooo
Eseun to dun mo mi gidi gan

Oníṣe Nla
mo ki ooo
Oníṣe Nla ẹsẹ ooo
Oníṣe Nla mo ki ooo
You rescued me with your power
(Till fades)

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