Pastor Tunde Bakare Appreciates Supporters Despite Getting Zero Vote In APC Election Primary


General overseer and pastor of the Citadel Global Community Church, Pastor Tunde Bakare has acknowledged his supporters despite getting zero vote during the just concluded presidential primary election.

Addressing his members and supporters, the clergy man revealed he wasn’t voted for by any of the delegates because he cannot abide by some of the politics.

He was overwhelmed by the support he received by his supporters and members after the election, stating it was an honour to be the flag bearer of a new Nigeria.

Pastor Bakare said in an appreciation post to all his supporters across the nation.

“As a presidential aspirant in this special convention of the All Progressives Congress, it has been a great honour to be the standard-bearer of the message of a new Nigeria and Nigeria that was for every Nigerian,”he said.

“Thank you to my supporters across the nation and indeed, it is an honour. Thank you for your support.”

Tunde Bakare appreciates supporters and also congratulated his fellow opponent, Tinubu who later emerged winner of the election.

He also called Nigerians not to give up on the country, despite the current situation. He said there is still hope for Nigeria and has urged Nigerians to participate and contribute to the national development of the country.

“I remain audaciously confident that a new Nigeria is possible and that upon the foundation values of integrity and incorruptibility, Nigeria will no doubt become a cutting-edge nation in my lifetime — a nation that will one day be the peace, progress, prosperity, and possibilities capital of the world.

“This fight may have appeared to be a setback, but there is still a course and a nation to transform. This is not the work of just one man or woman or just one party, but all Nigerians worthy of the name,” he added.


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