Rhapsody Of Realities – Applying The Law Of Faith


Topic: Applying The Law Of Faith [Thursday, March 22nd] 

But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him (Hebrews 11:6).

Romans 3:27 lets us know that faith is a law. It says, “Where is boasting then? It is excluded. By what law? of works? Nay: but by the law of faith.” The law of faith excludes boasting. In other words, you can’t pride yourself on or boast of your human abilities when you’re dealing by faith; it’s about the power of God.

A law is constant, and works for anyone and everyone, anywhere, who operates it rightly. Conversely, it works against anyone who doesn’t apply it rightly. For example, gravity as a law functions all the time. The law of gravity is what keeps you on the ground. In the same way, the law of faith works all the time.

Some Christians have remained in bondage for so long, because they don’t operate by the law of faith. “I know my God will heal me someday” is a mere religious talk; that’s not faith! Faith calls real that which isn’t perceivable to the senses. Faith believes and affirms what God has said.

So, God’s not “going to heal you” someday. You don’t even need to ask for healing. You’re supposed to believe and act on the Word. That’s how you put the law of faith to work. 2 Corinthians 4:13 says, “We having the same spirit of faith, according as it is written, I believed, and therefore have I spoken; we also believe, and therefore speak.” Declare that you’re in health, irrespective of the symptoms you may be feeling in your body.

If someone who’s been sick with cancer declares in faith, “I’m healed in the Name of Jesus; the cancerous growth in my body is dead!” The law of faith requires that he keeps vocalizing his faith. The Bible says if the clouds be full of rain, they empty themselves upon the earth (Ecclesiastes 11:3). Keep using the Word to mount pressure on the adversary, and your faith will prevail.


Dear Father, what a delight your Word is to my soul! Thank you for teaching me the way to live victoriously in the Kingdom. My faith produces undeniable results today, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

FURTHER STUDY:Hebrews 10:38
Hebrews 11:6, James 2:15-17


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