Tamilolobo – Caroline Oduntan Olayinka


Tamilolobo (Hint me) is a song received through a dream, where a pilot who represents Holy spirit, was telling me that the time is short and that the father is expecting us. As He was putting things in order, I urged Him to awaken other people anytime He’s ready to fly the flight, lo and behold, His response birthed the song Tamilolobo….He said, He would awaken them, if they would listen and hear.
Tamilolobo is an outcry of whomever desire not to be devoured by the devil…
Knowing fully well that we are in the endtimes, we are sorrounded by things that can easily get us occupied, and make us pay less attention to the things of the spirit.
Listen to Tamilolobo daily and get refreshed… Jesus is Lord



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