Asu Ekiye Responds to Waje’s Outburst Says: ‘Come Back to Gospel Music’


Recently, popular female musician did something very unusual – she shared her pains and frustrations as a musician to the whole world via a short documentary that mirrored just how tired she was of her seemingly failing music career. In response to her confession, many people have taken to giving her candid advice.


A particular gospel artiste, Asu Ekiye also weighed in on the issue. The man who is a gospel minister and the national president of Fellowship of Gospel Music Ministers of Nigeria (FOGMMON) also weighed in on the issue.

First off, he spoke of how much he reckoned with Waje’s statement. Then, he went on to acknowledge how much impact she had made in the secular music industry.

Asu Ekiye

However, he spoke of his strong belief that the frustration she was facing in the secular music industry might be a clear indication that she should return to her base – gospel music.
The FOGMMON president, thus, urged her to return to gospel singing as God is about to use her in his kingdom.
See his post below:

“My beloved sister Waje @officialwaje, my name is Asu Ekiye, The national president of FOGMMON Fellowship of gospel music ministers of Nigeria. I watched u live talking about your experiences in the music Industry.. I felt very touched and seriously constrained to say this to you. While thanking God for your sterling achievement in the world of secular music. May I use this medium to let u know that your primary constituency remains the church. I want to officially invite you to come back to Gospel Music where u started from. The Holy Spirit awaits your arrival .. There is a big space for you in the kingdom .. This is where you belong . God is about to use you to another level. God bless.”


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