Daily Impact with Rev. Yemi Graceman Aduloju


Daily Impact: 2nd November 2023

Topic: What God gives to enhance the fulfillment of His promises

Text: Ecclesiastes 2:26

Wisdom: God gives wisdom to a man that is good in his sight. Proverbs 4:7. Wisdom is the ability for a man to properly coordinate the affairs of his life, the ability to discern right from wrong, the ability to apply right judgement. Wisdom is required for effective management of time and life for productivity. Wisdom is the proper application of knowledge (the word of God) to produce results.

2. Knowledge: people fail because they do not know what to do in certain situations of life. There will be situations that will come our way but only knowledgeable people will produce results in such circumstances.

3. Money: the sinner gathers and heaps up and what is gathered is given to the man that is considered good in the sight of God. God is interested in the transfer of wealth from sinners to the hands of those who have an understanding of what to do with money, to the man who has wisdom to coordinate and utilise the money. God will prepare you for what he has prepared for you. Ecclesiastes 9:14-15. The poor man’s word is not heard.

4. Unction: God gives unction to function with ease. 1 John 2:20 we have been given an unction from the Holy one and we know all things. This unction aids performance with ease.

5. Joy: God gives joy. There will be joy unspeakable in your life and destiny as the year winds up.

Prayer Focus

1. Father, give me wisdom, baptize me afresh with the spirit of wisdom. Give me knowledge so that I’ll always know what to do and not be stranded.

2. Father, put resources into my hands.

3. Father, give me the unction to operate with ease

4. Father, let me end the year with joy.

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