Daily Impact with Rev. Yemi Graceman Aduloju


Daily Impact: November 9, 2023
Topic: The Breaking Point (Contd)
Text: Exodus 32:19, Numbers 20:11-12

Moses saw God face-to-face and had a very robust intimacy with God. God made his presence, person, power, and ways known to Moses. Moses got to his breaking point by two events that stirred his anger, and this prevented him from getting to his promised land. He had an encounter with God for forty days; he was given the law of God written by God, but when he returned to the people, he saw them in a state of apostasy. The people molded a calf and were celebrating around the calf. The anger of Moses waxed hot, and he broke the 10 commandments. He had to spend another 40 days without food and water in God’s presence. Anger led Moses to his breaking point again when the children of Israel complained of water. God instructed Moses to gather the assembly together and speak to the rock, but he struck the rock in anger (Numbers 20:10).

Moses got to his breaking point because he was pushed by the people. Never allow people to dictate your mood or influence your life in negative ways. The rock was symbolic of Jesus, and Moses struck Jesus with the rod in anger and denied him access to the promised land. A man at his breaking point takes steps that lead to eternal consequences, just like Moses. Don’t allow anyone to lead you into sin or error. Most of the Israelites, especially those less than 20 years old, entered the promised land, but Moses did not. You will make it to your land of promise in the name of Jesus. At your breaking point, be careful not to take steps that will lead to eternal consequences. The devil contended for the body of Moses when he died due to the steps he took at his breaking point. Do not strike the rock or break the tables of the law. Ensure that your life complies with the dictates and will of God. At your breaking point, always ensure that the decisions you make are in accordance with the will of God and the word of God.

Prayer Focus
1. Father, guide me not to take steps or make decisions that will lead to negative eternal consequences.
2. Father, strengthen me emotionally; may I not surrender my weakness to the negative influence and dictates of others.
3. Father, let anything that wants to deny me access to my promised land be taken out of my life and way in the name of Jesus.
4. Father, I receive the grace not to misbehave, break the law, and strike the rock.

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