“RÁRÁ” by Ayo Martins



You might easily relate this word with negativity, impossibility, denial, disappointment, and even sometimes anger
But Ayọ Martins has just changed this narrative! It’s on the positive side.

Being the first runner-up in the popular music contest tagged ‘Rhealyz Naija Eclectic 16’, and possessing an untamable passion for music, no wonder something this good could come from him.
A native of Ìpólé-Ìlọ́rọ̀ in Èkìtì state, Ayọ Martins has been doing sweet and inspirational music since he was ten years old. A minister of the Gospel, who has made his mind up to always lead people too God’s presence and make them remain there, hence making all the years he spent in the Church Choir, count for good.
This song is titled “RÁRÁ”, and it is his debut single. It’s centered around how God would continually lavish His love on you, even when blood relations reduce or withdraw theirs. How God’s love would never fail, even when everything collapses.
“RÁRÁ” is a mid-tempo alternative song, stuffed with beautiful percussions clear vocals, uncommon piano chords, and produced by the two-time consecutive winner of the award for Best Producer of the Year, at the Annual Gospel Music Awards [AGMA], PPIANO of Distinct Music Productions.

Ayọ Martins has shared stages with, and works with music ministers of repute, few of which are Tolucci, Fẹmi Flame and Pastor Dammie of the Agape Ministries. He is currently one of the Praise Rockers at Grace Outreach Global Church, Akure Campus.

He ministered with the Akure Mass Choir at the Music According to the Streets and Scriptures [MASS 4.0], was a backup singer for Pastor Dammie at the Winning Edge Conference held in Lagos.
He plays the guitar, as well.
What better time could this song be released, if not on this 14th day of February, 2020! Ayọ Martins has made God his Val. Did Ayọ Martins fall our hands on this track? RÁRÁ!
Would this be the last we would hear of him? RÁRÁ!
Would you regret using your data to download this song? RÁRÁ!
Yes, with this, we can confidently say, “Ayọ Martins, YOU ARE DOING WELL”
Am I not Bashorun Eniobanke-Darlington!
Have I not endorsed this song!



  1. Nice one baby am super proud of the man you’re becoming
    Keep soaring high ,the sky is nothing but your starting point
    So blessed with this unique song


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