Suicide??? Not an Option, Hang on to Life. – (@BeulahVic)

Victoria Olakanye (@beulahvic)

Life is not a bed of roses.There are ups and downs.There are hurdles to jump and mountains to climb. Life is never fair to anyone. Thank God for the beauty of clothing.It hides a lot of scars.
Even the seemingly rich ones has their own challenges. There are things money cannot buy,there are problems money cannot solve, there are some kind of happiness money cannot give.
Everyone on earth has one struggle or the other.It could be health struggle, marital struggle, financial struggle etc.
Yes, Jesus came and gave His life for us.He became poor so we might be rich.He took all our struggles away.He bore all our infirmities and sicknesses on His shoulder. This fact should make things more easier for Christians because we have the power and authority to command things to work.We are Sons.
The more reason why we have a lot of believers giving up on themselves is because they only have the head knowledge of this fact but their heart is yet to embrace it.
Life happens to everyone, it takes a lot of courage to walk it through. Life will never give you what you want nor what you deserve. If you think you are the only one who has issues, listen to someone else’s and you will discover you are even better off.
You are not alone.
A lot overcame, you can also overcome. Dr Chris Kwakpovwe considered suicide 23 years ago but he conquered and today he is a global figure. If he had died there will be no ”Our Daily Manna” devotional booklet today.
What could be your challenge that could cause you to have suicidal thoughts?
Suicide is demonic. There are junctions you get to in life and you can no longer bear the challenges you are facing. People have been there, yet they overcame.
Never entertain suicidal thoughts, it comes gradually,never ponder on it. You have so much to live for. What you are going through is only temporary. There are greater things ahead of you.Life can be beautiful for you if you stay alive.Do not allow the devil to play with your mind.Engage your mind.Read books, read The Bible, listen to spiritual songs, attend gospel concerts.
Don’t die.
Are you feeling unwanted or unloved?.
Please don’t die. Jesus loves you. You will definitely find your own place in life if you hang on.
Did you commit a grave offence and you feel you cannot bear the shame or face the consequences?
Please don’t die.
There is a place of mercy .There is a place of grace.God does not want any sinner to die without repentance.
You goofed but He still loves you.Killing yourself is not the solution, you are only giving joy to the devil.You are only accepting defeat. Never forget you will give account.
Confession and repentance of sins will draw you closer to God. Remember David? A man after God’s own heart. Why does God see him that way? He did not cover his sins.
Do not give in to the devil’s suggestions. He will tell you how much the public will hate you.How much those who look up to you will spite you. How everyone will jugde you. The truth is people will come for you. But still hang on, it is for a while. They will forget someday and your place in God will be intact.
Are you feeling intimidated by people’s post on social media?
Please don’t die.
Majority are faking it.There are scars on their bodies but they come to the social media to flaunt what is not.
You don’t have enough reasons to die.
Remember your immediate family. Remember your friends. Don’t put them in eternal sorrow.
Be encouraged. Hang on.
There is light at the end of the tunnel.
Are you suffering from Depression?
It could happen to anybody. Don’t keep it to yourself. Speak out. Find help. Get a therapist. Consult a counsellor. Seek spiritual help from God. You can be delivered.
If you don’t speak out, nobody will know what is going on with you. Don’t soak yourself with the idea that you have depression. It is not the will of God but the idea of the devil to cut you off from your glorious destiny with suicidal thoughts.
God has great plans for you .
Baby girl, hang on to life.
We still need you around.
Prince Charming,
The world needs to hear about you.
Suicide is never an option. Don’t consider it.
Live your life to the fullest, the way God designed it to be. Fulfill your destiny.
Give life another chance. It will get better.
Please don’t die.


  1. Wow!, God bless the writer. Sincerely nothing worth dying for in this world we are, no matter what you are passing through why can’t you put your hope in God, He’s the author and the finisher of our faith. Don’t be intimidated by what is happening around you, everybody with different time and purpose, live your life and hang up to life.


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